Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Harold Camping Got Right

            While we’re all laughing or shaking our heads at Harold Camping for thinking he knew the day and hour of Judgment Day (which the scriptures clearly state is impossible), let us pause for a moment, let the atheists take over the mockery of our faith and those that claim to follow it, and reflect on just one aspect of Camping’s message and practice.

            He was 100% right when he said that Judgment Day is coming.  It most certainly is.  Assuming that he honestly and truly believed that it was coming on May 21st, what can we learn from him?  The thing that jumps to my mind rather quickly is his complete devotion.  We know that it is a tragedy that his life has fallen apart in vain.  However, what is something that he did right?  He completely devoted his life to telling the world that Jesus was coming.  He spared no expense, counted all as loss, and chased what he thought was a calling with all his might.  Can we say that we advance the gospel with even half that passion?  Can we say that we are willing to truly count this life as loss, take up our cross and follow Him to the ends of the earth?  Are we even willing to take a laugh to our face when we try to save someone’s soul?  Are you willing to give your life for the sake of the One who gave it to you in the first (and second) place?

            Harold Camping gave all he had to tell the world a lie: why can’t we even come close to that kind of devotion for the truth?

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