Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thirty Three

            It is exactly 1am as I write this now.  I’ve been working on our kitchen remodel all day: specifically prepping and laying the new floor.  I just now climbed into bed after washing my face and brushing my teeth.

            To put lay out my thoughts simply, I’m thinking about Jesus.  Jesus, my Savior and my God, only lived on this earth for thirty three years.  And yet, what He accomplished in that time (really, only three years of that time) is still rocking the world to its foundation to this day.  I’ve got fifteen years until I reach that age. Obviously, Jesus was on a different mission than we are today, but it still makes me wonder:  If we’re to be living by the example that Jesus set forth, how are we accomplishing that?  Clearly it’s not rejecting Christ’s example if we decide to get married or move out before we’re thirty, but how are we planning to establish our life around the kind of ministry that He carried out?  If you were to die at thirty three, what could you say that you did for the sake of the gospel?  What, as a friend recently asked me, would you want people to say about you at your funeral?  That last question (in many forms) has become a cliché.  But should it be?  I believe that we as a culture have become unacceptably earth minded.  As if life ends here.  You can only take one thing to Heaven with you, and that’s souls.  Are you going to hoard the gospel to yourself?  How many people are you going to take to Heaven with you? 

            Jesus lived to thirty three.  You expect to live longer, but can you really guarantee that? 
            Jesus changed the world forever in three years.  God just might use you to change it in a lifetime.  It’s not as far fetched as you might think.  Do you trust God?  Or are you so prideful as to think that God doesn’t know better than you what He can and can’t use?

            Do you TRUST Him?  How much?  a day?  a month? a year?  how about a lifetime? 

I say go for the big one!  I’ll go with you all. the. way.

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  1. "Jesus lived to thirty three. You expect to live longer, but can you really guarantee that?" Oh, Josh, why were you so full of wisdom? Did you have any idea?

    You lived to nineteen. And I think I can guarantee you: whatever you wished, May 31, 2011, would be said about you at your funeral WILL be said.