Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Gospel of Great Price

           I was at a car wash today, and the way our car wash worked, we received money on a donation basis; people give whatever they want to.  As I was standing on the sidewalk (waving a sign, dancing to my iPod), I found myself thinking “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we witnessed to people as we washed their cars?”  Well, the very next thought to pop into my head was “oh, but if they don’t like that, they might give us less…”  The moment that thought ran through my mind, I realized the folly of what I was thinking:  what price do I put on the gospel, and what am I actually willing to sacrifice for it?  The very fact that such a thought occurred (regardless of how fast it was corrected) points to an unacceptable deficiency in my faith that hides in the dark recesses of my heart.  Is the $15.00 that someone might give really worth more than the seed that I could plant in that person’s life?  The flesh would have me think that it is.  After all, my future is secure: I’m going to heaven. 
How far are we willing to take this?  Does the Christian walk end at salvation?  If so, why don’t we get taken up to heaven right away, and spare all this misery here on earth?  Seriously, let’s face it, life is good because God is good, but sometimes (if not lots of the time) life can be an incredible drag.  Answer:  we are here on earth because we have a mission.  The mission is not getting closer to God (however, the mission will never reach its full potential without that), no, that is only the means.  Really, we would get a whole lot closer to God a whole lot faster in His presence.  The mission, my friends, is to build His kingdom on earth.  Building Christ’s kingdom on earth looks like at least a percentage of the two billion people on earth that claim the name “Christian” stepping up to the plate, giving up their selfish pride, and going and living the great commission.

What is the Gospel worth to you?  $15.00?  $100.00?  Your life?

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  1. When I started out reading this I thought it said car "crash"...scared me for a second. :)
    Anywho, great post! Very thought provoking.