Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's just sell Christianity altogether.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but is this verse taken out of context?  Still yet, is this even a remotely biblical concept?  Lord, forgive us for abusing Your Word. It's no wonder that people think that Christians are hypocrites.  Why don't we just have Christian nightclubs while we're at it?

Forgive me, but grow up, people!  Not that God can't work through a dating site, but really?  If you're not surrounding yourself with like minded believers, I would doubt the sincerity or maturity of your faith.  Harsh words, yes.  But I can't take any more of this wussified "christianity." Newsflash:  Christianity is HARD.  But nothing hard was ever as worthwhile as this.  Embrace the true call of your faith.


  1. Amen, brother. That add rather sickens me.
    I'd have to say though, that although their hypocrisy is more blatant, we're all hypocrites some way or another.
    (...Wussified? Meaning watered-down/wimpy/happy-go-lucky?)

  2. I'm talking about mainstream Christianity at large. And we all adopt it's mindset in some way or another: the way we think about God and His ways, our obligations as followers of Christ, and a whole host of other things. We've been confused for so long, the only way to make a full comeback to biblical Christianity is by praying and studying the Word. You and I live in a very doctrinally sound environment, but our group is, sadly, the exception, not the cultural norm.

    Wussified is a word that I took from a Christian comedian. Yes, it just means a wimpy, cowardly, and other-words spineless society or person. and the "ied" at the end should draw attention to an important factor: wussifIED instead of wussy, implies, no, clearly states that we did not start this way. This is a condition, and a disease; not something that is imbedded in our nature. Let's fight it. Race for the cure.

  3. Clarification: when I said in my comment that "we did not start this way" I wasn't implying that the nature of man is basically good. I was referring to the cultural change that has taken place over the last few decades. People don't take responsibility for their own actions, the feel entitled to anything and everything without having to work for it, and complain when things get uncomfortable. This, obviously, is not an absolute, and I'm not saying that people were NEVER this way before now. But these things are more prominent and widespread now than they ever have been. So much so, that you often can't see it without intently looking for it.