Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Gospel According to Hollywood?

           Something that I have encountered numerous times over the years is our tendency to “Christianize” everything.  We want everything to have at least a ring of Christian moral to it so that we can feel better about it.
            In this age of media, and confusion about who we really are as beings, and why we are really here, there has been a large increase of films that pose these questions in ways that are supposed to make us think.  To many, this seems good.  “Yes! We want them searching!  Now we have a way of communicating with them in a way that they relate to.”  News flash:  humanity has been searching for the answer to our existence for far longer than films have been the “answer.” 
            How many times have I had to hear about The Matrix?  Yes, I’m sure you could find some way to make the plot sound just like the sinners walk to redemption, but really, if the people are already searching for the answer, why not go to them and give it to them straight up?  Why do we need Hollywood shoving their post-humanist agenda into our minds while the weak among us water it down by showing us the “moral” of the film.  Another news flash:  Hollywood did not invent morals:  God did. 
Why, in this age of unbelievable opportunities for communication, are we searching so desperately for any way to reach the lost besides just going ourselves?  We’re taking movies that were made by lost people and saying “yeah, hey, you’ve got it mostly right!”  How did the Apostle Paul do it?  He packed his bag and he walked.  Nothing could keep him from spreading the gospel; not being imprisoned, not being beaten, not even being stoned.  He was finally beheaded because he dared to simply walk and talk, and evangelize almost the entire civilized world.  Sometimes things are best done the old fashioned way.
Yes, we can find morals in Hollywood: but is that where we should be looking for nutrition to build a solid spiritual backbone?  And yes, you can find shreds or chunks of the gospel message interwoven in the plots, but is that really the best way to lead people to Christ?

Which gospel will you preach?  The gospel according to God’s inspired Word, or the gospel according to Hollywood?

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